Organic Apples

This powerful source of antioxidants comes to us from 3 agriculturally rich land sources producing delicious apples: New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina. Their varied climates and staggered prime growing seasons allow for a diversity of varieties that are available to us during their intended peak consumption times.

Organic Cripps Pink Apples

CCOF Non GMO vert 4c Fair Trade Certified

Developed by John Cripps in Australia during the 1970s, Cripps Pink is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams.

People who crave the ultimate experience in tart and crisp will delight in the pungent pucker of Cripps Pink. Its darling green background and blooming pink hue evoke sentiments of springtime. A versatile variety, Cripps Pink is excellent for baking, salads, sauce, and just about anything else. An added bonus is that it resists turning brown after it is sliced. If kept in cold storage at proper temperature and ethylene levels, Cripps Pink maintains its flavor, color, and aroma for extended periods of time.

Argentina: May—June
Colombia: June—July
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