Organic Apples

This powerful source of antioxidants comes to us from 3 agriculturally rich land sources producing delicious apples: New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina. Their varied climates and staggered prime growing seasons allow for a diversity of varieties that are available to us during their intended peak consumption times.

Organic Granny Smith Apples

CCOF Non GMO vert 4c Fair Trade Certified

Born in New South Wales, Australia in 1868, this cultivar was propagated by Maria Ann Smith, its namesake. A hybrid of the European Wild Apple and Malus domestica, it was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1935 and the United States in 1972.

The bright green color of Granny Smith is a prelude to its even brighter flavor. The crisp, greenish-white flesh delivers a juicy, acidic burst of tart flavor.

Argentina: May—June
Colombia: July—June
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