Organic Apples

This powerful source of antioxidants comes to us from 3 agriculturally rich land sources producing delicious apples: New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina. Their varied climates and staggered prime growing seasons allow for a diversity of varieties that are available to us during their intended peak consumption times.

Organic Red Delicious Apples

CCOF Non GMO vert 4c Fair Trade Certified

The original Delicious apple was discovered by Jesse Hiatt of Iowa in the 1880s. Legend has it that a wayward seedling sent up a shoot outside Hiatt’s orderly row of trees, and rebelled against his repeated attempts to cut it down. Hiatt relented and nursed the tree until it produced a single apple, which Hiatt declared the best he had ever tasted.

Awe Sum Organics’ Red Delicious is an heirloom apple that is every bit as scrumptious as its name implies. In contrast to the newer burgundy varieties, it is distinguished by a striped warm red color and laden with a crisp, sweet candy-like taste to match. Our Red Delicious Heirloom is the kind of apple your grandparents loved, the original and true Red Delicious. It is hard to find anywhere else, as Argentina is the only apple-producing country that did not replace this wonderful heirloom with the standard variety.

Argentina: May—August
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