Organic Pears

Awe Sum Organics Pears are grown in the Rio Negro Valley of Argentina. Due to the uniquely perfect climate and soil for pear production, the Rio Negro Valley produces some of the best pears in the world.

Organic Golden Bosc Pears

CCOF Non GMO vert 4c Fair Trade Certified

A cultivar of the European pear, Golden Bosc was first planted on estate orchards in the eastern United States in the 1830s.

A firm, crunchy pear with a honeyed flavor and undercurrents of spice, it has an elongated shape and yellow skin, often with tones of russet. The dense flesh of Golden Bosc responds superbly to heat, making it well-suited for cooking and baking. When sliced and served fresh, it pairs beautifully with strong cheese and wine.

Argentina: April—May
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