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Deeply sweet, refreshingly crisp, and deliciously juicy, Fuji has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most desirable apples in the world. The secret ingredient is a hint of spice, adding a hint of playful mischief to its saccharine flavor. Larger than the average apple, Fuji has more to love. A capricious belle with many guises, Fuji’s skin ranges from yellow to green, and the highlights from a soft pink blush to a crimson flare. Its natural sweetness makes Fuji an excellent choice for low-sugar recipes as it needs little, if any addition, to balance its flavor.

Developed in Japan, Fuji is the hybrid of Red Delicious and Ralls Genet. Named after Fujisaki, the town of its birth, it was created in the 1930s and brought to market in 1962. Fuji has a very long shelf life, which can be extended even further with appropriate refrigeration.

Awe Sum Organics Fuji Apples are available as Fair for Life. Learn more about our Fair for Life Program. Contact the Awe Sum Sales Team for more information.

Awe Sum Organics Fuji Apples are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Argentina: June (Weeks 23-25)
Chile: Mid-May – July (Weeks 20-30)
New Zealand: June – Mid-August (Weeks 23-33)

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Awe Sum Organics Apples are available in:

  • 40lb Tray Packs, Large and Small sizes
  • 3lb Bags (12 per carton)

This product is offered with the option of Fair for Life certification.

Click here to learn more about our Fair for Life program.