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Awe Sum Organics, Organic Red Globe Grapes

Red Globe

The classic seeded Red Globe Grape is renowned for its huge size and extremely sweet and delicious flavor. The name comes from the shape of the berry – perfectly round and reminiscent of a globe. Red Globe Grapes have a long shelf life, and are a favorite of grape fans everywhere for their Brix level, which is higher than their seedless cousins.

Red Globe grapes are excellent in both sweet and savory preparations. Easy to pop into your mouth for an instant burst of juicy goodness.

Each succulent grape is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients, which have been found to aid in the health of our cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, inflammatory, and nervous systems. Grapes have a low glycemic index, and include both anti-aging, cognitive benefits. New research shows grapes may also provide an anti-inflammatory response and offer anti-aging benefits as well as regulate blood sugar.

Awe Sum Organics Red Globe Grapes are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Peru: January – February

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Awe Sum Organics Grapes are available in:

  • 18lb cartons, Random Weight Bags, 12 handle pouch with slider, per carton
  • 11lb cartons, 1lb 1.6 oz (500 gram), 10 clamshells per carton

This product is offered with the Fair for Life certification.

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