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Green Kiwifruit

Also known as Hayward, Green Kiwifruit is the most widely grown variety. Its emerald colored flesh is tender, juicy, and sweet, packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, folic acid, enzymes, and antioxidents. These components help boost immunity, cardiovascular health, and digestive function, making kiwifruit widely known as a “super-fruit.”

This brown, furry fruit has a rugged outer appearance, which is quite humorous juxtaposed to the kiwi bird after which it was named. But inside the beastly peel lies a dazzling motif of verdant colors and an equally spectacular array of flavor. Sweet, tart, tender, and textured, it is easy to see why kiwifruit is a permanent fixture in the landscape of New Zealand, though its namesake is sadly endangered.

Awe Sum Organics Kiwifruit is harvested at the ideal time to ensure peak flavor and perfect ripeness. Brix levels are carefully monitored throughout the growing season, and the fruit is not harvested until measurements are just right. Awe Sum Organics works closely with each grower to guarantee a high taste standard.

US-California: October – May
Italy: October – May
Chile: May – October
New Zealand: May – November

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Awe Sum Organics Kiwifruit is available in:

  • Vol. Fill (19.8lb, 22 lb)
  • 125lb Mini-Bins
  • 1lb Bags (20 per carton)
  • 1 Layer Trays (33ct, 36ct)