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The most commonly grown variety of pear, Bartlett is renowned for its characteristic sweetness. A consumer favorite, this pear is most commonly eaten fresh, but is also the classic choice for canning. Bartlett is defined by its characteristic bell shape with a small neck and rounded bottom. Its color varies from green, to yellow, to red, not to be confused with the Red Bartlett, a distinctive variety.

A cultivar of the European pear, the Bartlett has given birth to a multitude of its own offspring, many of which have been patented and successfully marketed around the world. The Bartlett is thought to have originated in the 1760s in England, though the specifics are largely unknown. Commonly called the Williams Pear in England, several of the trees were imported into the United States in 1799 and planted at a Massachusetts estate. The property was acquired by Enoch Bartlett, who promptly named the pear after himself. In fact, there are 150 synonyms for the Bartlett worldwide, evidence that everyone wants to take credit for this flavorful fruit.

Awe Sum Organics Bartlett Pears are available as Fair for Life. Learn more about our Fair for Life Program. Contact the Awe Sum Sales Team for more information.

Awe Sum Organics Bartlett Pears are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Argentina: March – Mid-April (Weeks 9-14)

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Awe Sum Organics Pears are available in:

  • 40lb Place Packs, large and small sizes
  • 3lb Bags, 2.5 min diameter, 12 bags per carton

This product is offered with the option of Fair for Life certification.

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