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Our History

David the Gardener

David Posner, President and founder of Awe Sum Organics, grew a lifelong passion for organic produce into his livelihood. Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, planted the seed, impressing upon David the dangers of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. A standout student in his high school organic gardening class, David was asked to take over when the previous teacher moved on due to the school’s financial difficulties. It was David, who at the age of 17, loaded up his truck with the school’s homegrown organic produce and sold it at farmers’ markets and to retailers in the area. David did this on a weekly basis, raising enough money to keep the school operable for quite some time. He was so passionate about the soil, the seeds, and the harvest, he is actually known to this day amongst old friends and classmates as “David Gardener”.

By 1973, he was delivering organic produce from other local growers, and advocating the benefits of growing produce without using chemicals. When it came to taste and eating experience, David’s organic fruits and vegetables were definitely in a class of their own! Word spread, and David was soon making deliveries as far away as Los Angeles, with stops in the Bay Area and throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

As demand for organic produce skyrocketed, David looked for ways to provide his customers with a year-round supply. He began to source organic products from Mexico, and then New Zealand. As his import business grew, David sold his delivery route and dedicated himself to sourcing off-season produce full-time, adding on growers in Central and South America. In 1985, he named the company Farmers Fruit Express, and trademarked the triangle logo which symbolizes the balance between the sun, water, and earth – all that is used in the production of organic produce.

Today, David is living his dream of bringing organic produce mainstream, and providing a year-round supply of the highest quality fruit from both domestic and international sources. In 2008, he changed the name of his company from Farmers Fruit Express to Awe Sum Organics, a fitting title for the awe-inspiring volumes of awesome organic fruit we supply to store shelves each and every day!