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Sustainability Initiatives

The Awe Sum Organics philosophy of organic agriculture reaches beyond the guidelines established by the USDA. We implement best practices to ensure the health of our customers, our employees, our partners, and our planet. At the root of organic agriculture is sustainability – working toward an awesome future!

Organic Farming

Awe Sum Organics growers are certified USDA Organic. Our fruit is produced in accordance with National Organic Program regulations.

Our products contain:
No synthetic fertilizers
No herbicides, pesticides or insecticides
No preservatives

The primary goal of organic agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people.

For more on the definition of organic, visit the Organic Trade Association.
For more information on eating organic, visit our Organic Benefits page.

Biodynamic Farming

Our growers strive to work in harmony with the subtle influences of nature. Biodynamic farming is centered on the idea of a diversified, balanced ecosystem that generates health and fertility from within the farm itself. Fermented manure, minerals, and herbs are used to help restore the vital life forces of the soil, as well as enhance the nutrition, quality and flavor of the food being raised. Many of our growers are Demeter® Biodynamic® certified. These certifications signify a more holistic, ecological, and spiritual approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition. Try Awe Sum Organics and taste the difference!

Organic Agrigulture Can Reverse Climate Change

Rodale Institute announced the launch of a global campaign to generate public awareness of the soil’s ability to reverse climate change, but only when the health of the soil is maintained through organic regenerative agriculture. The solution is farming like life on Earth matters; farming in a way that restores and even improves on the natural ability of the microbiology present in healthy soil to hold carbon. This kind of farming is called regenerative organic agriculture, and it is the solution to climate change we need to implement today. Read more here.

Low Carbon Footprint

Sustainable transportation is all about maintaining a low carbon footprint. Over 90% of our shipments are by water, a very fuel efficient method of transportation. For example, it takes 88% less fuel to ship a container by water from New Zealand to the east coast of North America than it takes to transport a truckload of fruit from the west to east coast of the United States.

Fair for Life

The underlying principle of sustainability and organic farming is doing the right thing. Fair for Life is a third party certification program for social accountability in agricultural, manufacturing, and trading operations. This unique program complements existing fair trade certification systems and endorses the values of sustainable production and social responsibility. Fair trade improves the livelihood of small farmers and workers by ensuring that they receive fair treatment and safe working conditions at every stage of the production process. It requires that growers and their packing facilities undertake a formal audit and meet specific criteria pertaining to environmental protection and human rights. Fair for Life ensures fair and positive relations throughout the distribution chain. Awe Sum Organics is proud to offer Fair for Life certification as an add-on to its awesome products. Read more about our Fair for Life program.

Green Business

Awe Sum Organics is passionate about produce, and we’ve taken our love of the planet beyond organic fruit and deeper into our operations. With a recent move into our new beautifully remodeled Santa Cruz offices, we’ve now been granted a highly-coveted Green Business Certification Award.

It all started in April 2013, when painstaking efforts were taken to make the Awe Sum Organics office one of the greenest offices in California. Some of the Awe Sum features of the new building include: LED Lighting, hi-tech Energy Management Systems for HVAC, big open skylights with lots of natural lighting, all Energy Star certified office equipment, occupancy sensors for infrequently used areas, dual-flush low-flow toilets and aerators, DIRTT walls that divert construction materials from landfills and are easily reconfigurable, carpet tiles that are 100% recyclable, Breathe Walls that produce rich fresh oxygen, and many other wonderful additions.

Since October 2013, Awe Sum Organics has worked with Santa Cruz County to meet a number of requirements addressing issues such as pollution prevention, waste reduction, water conservation, and energy management. We’ve successfully implemented an in-depth waste program that includes office composting, e-waste recycling, purchasing post-consumer recycled (content) office supplies, and programs encouraging our employees to reduce waste by bringing reusable containers for coffee/take out lunches.

Awe Sum Organics is a member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association.