Being Awe Sum

From our roots in the early organic movement of the 1970’s to our expertise in today’s global market, we’ve always been deeply involved in delivering healthy, great-tasting produce.

Our Story

Back in the 1970’s, organic produce was still ‘a hippie thing’. But our founder, David Posner, was already growing it in his high school organic gardening class. He sold it at the nearby Santa Cruz farmers’ market, with the proceeds going to support the school.

After graduation, he started delivering product from area growers to health food stores and farmers markets across central and southern California, and into the San Joaquin Valley. Along the way he told everyone he met about the benefits of growing produce without the use of synthetic chemicals. It wasn’t long before his passion for safe and sustainable farming earned him the nickname, “David Gardner.”


Beyond California

Awe Sum Organics was born in 1985 after David’s customers asked if he could supply them year round. He took on the challenge and looked southward to fill in the gaps of his local growers. He was one of the first people in organics to work with farmers in Mexico, South America, and New Zealand. Our long-standing relationships with many of our initial growers are still going strong—over 30 years later.

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Awe Sum Organics Today

Today, Awe Sum Organics is the premiere off-season importer of organic apples and kiwifruit in North America. Still a pioneer in organics, David recently developed and implemented a system to import organic table grapes during the winter season in North America. Including grapes, we supply six categories of domestic and imported organic, non-GMO fruit to over 10,000 stores across the US and Canada.

With over three decades in business, our market chops are second to none. When our customers want to know what’s happening in the market, they call us. We’ve been leaders of the organic movement from day one, and helped guide its evolution into the mainstream marketplace.

Where We're Headed

Even though organic produce is now more common, we believe that organics will keep on taking market share. We helped create and carve out the organic market. So, helping our organic growers, exporter partners, and customers thrive is personal for us. We keep our finger on the pulse in North America. We don’t have a crystal ball, but because we work so closely with our growers and customers that we’re able to make informed market projections.

For us, sustainability isn’t a marketing gimmick. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s a method of growing crops that ensures the future of our food systems. We’re proud of our long-standing tradition of offering the best products we can to people who share our passion for making healthy choices for themselves, growers, and our planet.

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We are deeply invested in environmental and economic sustainability. Get the details on our future-focused sustainability mentality.

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