Awe Sum Organics’ Pear Brief

March 9, 2020

Awe Sum Organics is now receiving good volumes of its organic pears from the fertile Rio Negro Valley of the Patagonia region in Argentina. Good supply on both coasts for Bartletts through mid-April.

Red Bartletts will start arriving this week on both coasts and continue through the end of April.

Abate Fetel will arrive late March through mid to late May, D’Anjou from late March through July, Autumn Bartlett from mid-April through July, and Golden Bosc from mid-April through mid-June.

Awe Sum Organics is enjoying a great quality crop of Organic and Fair Trade Certified pears from PAI this year and has promotional opportunities available. “The growing conditions climatically have been excellent this season with near perfect temperatures for our pears,” says David Posner, president of Awe Sum Organics. “Our pears this season have exceptional eating quality. They are sweet and juicy with a wonderful creamy texture.”