New Crop Alert: Fresh and Delicious Organic Pears from the Southern Hemisphere

February 10, 2021

It is nearly autumn in the Rio Negro Valley of Argentina, and the time for fresh, juicy, delicious organically grown pears from Awe Sum Organics has arrived! Together with our partners at PAI Argentina, we offer some of the best tasting pears in the world.

PAI supplies Awe Sum Organics with all of their organically grown pears. PAI has been growing pears in the region for many decades and organically over 20 years. In addition to organic certification, a significant percentage of their fruit is grown using biodynamic methods. “Most of PAI’s organic pear production is Fair Trade certified, which means a portion of the purchase price for all of PAI’s Awe Sum Organic Fair Trade labelled organic pears goes back to the communities in the Rio Negro Valley of Argentina where our pears are grown and packed. These funds are sent directly to a social responsibility program established for PAI’s workers and their communities. Fair Trade USA certification guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions. Some of the community projects that have been funded by the social responsibility program are books and school supplies for local schools, funds for emergency medical facilities that serve the community, funds for community services such as water and heating, food and diapers for single mothers and much more,” said David Posner. “Fair trade certification creates a platform for social change and community building that allows us to support everyone in the supply chain, and hopefully raises the bar in terms of how we look at labor standards worldwide,” notes Matt Landi, Awe Sum’s VP & General Manager.

PAI is a leading Argentinian exporter of organic pears. PAI Argentina’s organic pears are monitored and certified by Argencert an agency based on strict verification of compliance with organic standards and certificates for fruit.

“Long-term supply chain partnerships are at the core of Awe Sum Organics’ culture, and our relationship with PAI goes back over 15 years”. Adds David Posner, “While adapting to the ever growing and changing market for organic produce we continue to remain 100% focused and true to our mission statement, which is why we are proud to offer organic, biodynamic Fair Trade certified pears from PAI Argentina”.

“We are bringing in adequate volumes of each variety to supply the customer programs we have built with some additional volumes for our spot market customers. The growing conditions climatically have been excellent this season with near perfect temperatures for our pears. Hail is common in the region and this season we were lucky as there was less hail than usual,” said David Posner.

This season Awe Sum Organic’s Bartlett will run from the beginning of March through mid-April, complimented with the addition of Red Bartlett in mid-March and continue through mid-April. Abate Fetel are planned reach both coasts by the end of March and run through mid-May. D’Anjou should arrive starting in the beginning of April and continue through the end of June. Awe Sum’s Autumn Bartlett will arrive starting in mid-April to transition nicely from their regular Bartlett and run through end of June. Awe Sum’s Bosc will be running mid-April to early June, and their highly prized organic Forelle pears will reach both coasts in early April and run through May.

Awe Sum Organics’ Argentinian pear season is nearly here. PAI pears will be available from Awe Sum Organics for loading off both coasts from the beginning of March through the end of June.

Contact Awe Sum Organics at or call +1.831.462.2244

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David With 3 Generations Of Pai Grower Family
Red Bartlett Pears from PAI Argentina