Our Organic Apples Programs

April 13, 2020

Awe Sum Organics is currently offering Organic Apples programs for June, July and August from our Southern Hemisphere growers in Chile, New Zealand and Argentina.

Each variety of our Southern Hemisphere new crop organic apples are six-months fresher than any domestically grown apples of the same variety that are available during the months of June, July and August, when our organically grown apples are available. We are committed to growing, packing and shipping the highest quality, best tasting organic apples available during our summer months. Our fresh, new crop Southern Hemisphere organic apples are available during the domestic off-peak season, offering a fresher alternative to domestically grown apples which by June have been stored for around 6 months longer than our Southern Hemisphere grown apples. We are expecting our fresh and delicious organic apples to start arriving in late May with arrivals continuing through August.

If you are interested in building a reliable and secure program of high quality fresh new crop organic apples from the Southern Hemisphere for June, July and August give us a call at (831) 462-2244 or email us at sales@awesumorganics.com.

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