Organic Pears

Awe Sum Organics Pears are grown in the Rio Negro Valley of Argentina. Due to the uniquely perfect climate and soil for pear production, the Rio Negro Valley produces some of the best pears in the world.

Organic Forelle Pears

These petite pears, dotted with crimson red speckles, are believed to have originated in Germany in the 1600s. Forelle pears are considered one of the very best tasting by Europeans. The name Forelle means “trout” in German, referring to the colors of a rainbow trout.

These fragrant bell-shaped pears are firm but juicy and have a sweet tart flavor with a hint of spiciness, perfectly enhanced when paired with cheese. These colorful beauties start off as green with red speckles, but when ready to eat, the green turns a gorgeous yellow.

Argentina: April—June
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