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Organic Trailblazers

Greenvic built the first “organic only” packing house in the country in 2005—a landmark for the industry.

One of the leading companies of the industry at a global level, they have a strong commitment to the environment in which they operate. The environment, the community, and the entire country have benefited from their commitment and support.

Always Giving Back

From the beginning, Greenvic has assigned an important share of its resources to support underprivileged youth and families that live under the poverty line (average per capita income of US $70). The company is a major contributor to Sumate (Join in), a program of Hogar de Cristo that has given shelter to more than 470 youth, facilitating their access to Higher Technical Education and helping them, and their families, overcome poverty. In addition to direct support, Greenvic has brought many of its customers on board to help fund its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.


“From my personal and professional point of view, organic production has been a great challenge, since it involves modifying many academic paradigms and, at the same time, it amazes us with nature’s ability to combine in a sustainable way, productive orchards and economically profitable orchards. It is very gratifying to be a part of a work team that is in the vanguard of Chilean organic development, and to be able to develop a sustainable agriculture program for future generations.”


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