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 Steeped in Sustainability 

We have always put environmental and economic stability at the heart of our business.  By sticking to our values, we will help take organic farming into the future.

Fair Trade USA™ Improves Lives by Protecting the Planet!


  • Ensures fair wages and good working conditions

  • Improves livelihood of farmers, workers, and their communities

  • Funds local education, healthcare, and wellness programs

  • Supports sustainable environmental practices

  • Fair Pay Towards a Living Income

  • Protecting the Planet and People with Fair Trade

  • Enhancing Education Access

  • Safe Working Conditions

  • Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment

Fair Trade Certification as a Sales Tool

Fair Trade certification is an optional add-on for Awe Sum Organics products. We think the benefits outweigh the cost. Social awareness and corporate responsibility are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Your participation in the program can become a differentiator that gets their attention and drives sales.

Awe Sum Organics, Fair Trade USA, & Fair for Life

Premiums collected by Awe Sum Organic's have contributed to many projects.

  • Awe Sum Organics offers Organic and Fair Trade USA Certified fruit! We feel it is important to give back to the local communities that are involved in growing, harvesting, packing, and shipping our Awe Sum Organic fruit.

  • Since 2015, through the sale of our Awe Sum Organic Fair Trade and Fair for Life Certified fruit, over $1.4 million US dollars have been collected by Awe Sum Organics and distributed back to the local communities where our organic fruit is produced.  The US dollars in the local communities on Peru, Argentina, and Chile where US dollars have so much value

  • Community Development Funds to be sent back to the local communities and workers in our supply chains to invest in projects to address their needs and improve their lives.

  • By purchasing Awe Sum Organics Fair Trade Certified products, our customers and consumers are contributing valuable funds to community projects focused on expanding access to education, health services, sanitation facilities and other critical community infrastructure.

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