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Sociedad Agrícola Saturno (Saturno for short) farms are located near the village of Piura in northern Perú. Since 1997, they have been investing in knowledge, technology, and equipment in order to grow organic fruits and vegetables in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Environmental protection is a large focus in their development and use of technology and evolution of farming practices. They work with a nearby laboratory to develop natural pest controllers and avoid unnecessary applications. Soil fertility is continuously monitored, and only required nutrients are applied. Drip irrigation and state-of-the-art technology are employed to monitor soil requirements and make the best use of water resources.

Dedicated to Community

Saturno invests in new technology and ongoing training to ensure that workers grow with the company. They are committed to supporting surrounding communities and their people. Some of their projects include:

  • Co-financing with local authorities for the electrification of their village, bringing energy to every household, and light to the streets

  • Partial financing of the Feasibility Project that brought investment for the water well and the deployment of water lines for every household in the village

  • Financing of the Feasibility Project for the local sewage system

  • Training for teachers and directors in local primary and secondary schools

  • Construction of three primary school classrooms, and restrooms in all three school buildings

  • Cooperation in the construction of the Police Station in Yapatera’s village

  • Equipment for two health centers, including computers, refrigeration, and a sterilization chamber

  • Construction of a water reservoir and pump for the local health center

  • Programs for aging workers to develop reading capabilities and skills

  • Improvements to the local soccer stadium, including construction of a new irrigation system, restrooms, fence, and landscaping

  • Co-financing construction of a Wawa Wasi "Children's Home" which provides affordable child care services to the community

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